How to earn via Google Adsense

it’s million dollars Question which is asked by Many internet users in Pakistan and whole the World, Earn money on the INTERNET is not a big deal its simple as we can think it would be, it’s just the mindset through which you can earn millions or billions of dollars on just working from Home in simple world you may say that earn dollars on the INTERNET,

There is several ways through which will earn such money on the internet.

First of all you all know about Google, its backbone of Internet in whole world. Thousand and Millions of Peoples Search too many things on Google in Single Days, and Google provide them there Require Results, Now Come to the Point that how to earn money with Google on the internet, First Understand That Google have its Publisher network though Which its Pay its Publishers mean we Peoples which are working with Google are known as Publishers in the Google Directory, Product from Which We Earn is GOOGLE ADSENSE,

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the Google product which Provides Ads to Google Publishers through Which Google Publishers Earn,

How to earn With Google AdSense???

In Simple Word Earning Money from Google AdSense is to easy there is Some Several steps you have to Complete before starting Your Online Business.

  1. First of All Make a Website or Blog on Internet, if You don’t have any Knowledge about Web developing or now wants to Invest your Precious amount in Creating a website, its Doesn’t Matter at all, you can create a Blog from Google Partner website its simple and Easy you can create your Blog in minutes, Just visit and Signup.

After Registering required Information you will lead to the page of Choose the Name for your blog that choose appropriate name for your Blog which is available,

after selecting a good name than think that which material you should put in your Blog that peoples want to see,

NOTE: one thing keep in mind that do not Copy paste anything because Google do not allow any Material which is copyright from somebody else.

If You are good in Writing Skills than go for Writing Articles and if You are Good in Graphic than Post Interesting Pictures,

2.How to Earn Money

Than Come to the Point that how to earn money its simple When you will enough visitors on your Blog than Apply for Google AdSense account, If You have original Content on Your Blog and Peoples visit your Blog regularly than Google will Accept your application and You will be Eligible to Use AdSense account

3.How to Use AdSense.

Once your AdSense account will be created Open your than open its earning Tab in which you will see the AdSense option after seeing it Open that Option and Link your AdSense account with Your Blog,

After linking the AdSense With blogger you will see Ads running and Your Blog and after that your earning will be start

4.When i will get paid

You will get paid from Your AdSense when Your Earnings will touch $100 threshold amount

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