Ever Wondered What This Small Slot In Laptops Are For That We’ve Never Used?

In one of the much-awaited keynotes in January 2003, Steve Jobs had said, “this is going to be the year of the notebook for Apple”. The genius was referring to the rise of portable computers, laptops, in the market and couldn’t have been more correct.

While smartphones continue to be our most possessed device, laptops are an inseparable part of today’s work culture. And the good thing is, there is always a thing or two to learn about this

And the latest addition is the list of today’s learning is about the small rectangular slot that’s there in the corner of most of our laptops next to the USB port. Ever wondered what is it for?


Unlike many may guess that the slot is for connecting a device that we don’t generally use, the slot is actually for a security purpose.

What kind of security purpose?

Well, these slots exist for users to use a laptop lock, preventing these expensive and portable devices to be stolen. One method of laptop theft is using a laptop lock, consisting of a long cable with a locking device on each end.

The cable is usually long and is intended to be wrapped around an immovable object, with the lock inserted securely into the laptop.


And while there are many brands manufacturing such locks, Kensington is the primary manufacturer of such security slot anti-theft systems and, hence, the slots are often called the Kensington Slots.

The small hole for the slot goes through the laptop’s exterior and connects to an inner metal panel which provides strength and makes it impossible to remove the lock without making the device almost unusable.

The mechanism of the lock is that it has a T-shaped knob that rotates 90 degrees after insertion into the slot. A cable that is attached to the lock key, which wraps around an immovable object, such as a pipe or desk and it can only be unlocked by inserting the same number that was earlier

And now that you finally know it is for, you can pass on the knowledge to your friends. Go! Go! Go!

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